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Sammi Line Blind

What is Sammi Line Blind?


Что такое заглушки Sammi? Что такое заглушки Sammi?
Typical process Sammi Line Blind

Line Blind is used in various industry sectors especially in which a total shut-off is needed or where the decline of pressure in a pipeline is undesirable.

A traditional shut-off of a pipeline with conventional equipment (such as spectacle blind, spade blind, etc) is labor-intensive, takes a lot of time, attended by product loss, possible inflammation, environmental pollution as well as inhalation of toxic fumes by personnel.

Sammi Line Blind has a very simple and easy-to-use construction and is developed for a total shut-off of a pipeline, is designed for a long-term usage and guarantee a nonstop work with minimum maintenance costs.

The original open/close mechanism lets even a single operator freely, quickly and without any extra equipment switch the line blind to open/close mode.

Why Sammi Line Blind?

The success of Sammi Line Blind is subject to the following criteria: the total shut-off and simplicity in use.

All Sammi products are produced under strict quality control.

Our principal competitive advantages:

  • A total shut-off

Design of Sammi Line Blind excludes any leakings

  • Simplicity in use

A pipeline may be shut-off from 30 seconds to 2 minutes

  • Only one operator needed

Only one operator needed to shut-off a pipeline

  • Without pipe necking or extension

The principal distinction of Sammi is lack of necessity of necking or extension of a pipeline while switching to open/close mode.

  • Costs reduction

The increase of efficiency of man hours as well as production growth due to reduction of time needed to switch the line blind from one mode to another.

  • No extra equipment needed

While using Sammi Line Blind no extra equipment or elevating mechanism needed.

  • Safe exploitation

The process of usage of Sammi Line Blind is not labor-intensive and by guaranteeing a total shut-off is safe for personnel that stand near the pipeline.

  • Simple design

Very simple and easy-to-use construction requires minimal maintenance service only for changing the seal pad

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