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Sliding Type

It is easy to shut-off a pipeline with this line blind. Each unprepared operator can spend only 30 seconds to 5 minutes without piping load. The line blind has easy-to-use construction. By turning the handwheel the line blind is moved and then is fixed by the handwheel.

  • No pipeline load

Compression/expansion of the pipeline while exploitation is excluded

  • Automatic positioning of the line blind

The line blind will be safely installed to its place by using automatic positioner

  • Rotational torque meter of the handwheel

Regulates the accuracy of handwheel action in rotation for opening or closing of a line blind

  • Double safety locking

Two safety locking mechanisms are installed to guarantee the accuracy of actions. One of them may be locked by a key

  • Self stick free mechanism of a blind

A unique gearing mechanism will release the jammed line blind

  • Double sealing (optionally)

In dependence to operation environment and working conditions for safety increase two extra seal rings may be installed

  • The open/close position sensor (optionally)

The line blind position sensor may be installed

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