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PCVExpo 2016 Exibition

PCVExpo 2016 Exibition


Exhibitors' stands at PCVExpo 2016 were visited by numerous specialists of chemical and oil and gas industry, power engineering, metallurgy, machine building, construction complex, as well as representatives of companies involved in design, construction and operation of engineering networks.

It was the first time PCVExpo had been held in an intensive format - 3 days. The exhibition was visited by more than 3,500 managers and specialists. Also it was the first time PCVExpo had taken place simultaneously with 7 industrial exhibitions at the same time.

Holding of international industrial exhibitions that cover a wide range of sectors of the economy on the same ground, provides an excellent environment for the growth of efficiency of interaction of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Visiting PCVExpo 2016 exhibition allows specialists of manufacturing companies in a short time to select the advanced equipment and reliable suppliers to solve their technological problems: metal treatment, compressed air production, pumping of various substances, incoming inspection and various tests, environmental and technical diagnostics, metrology changes, application of various types of coatings, expluatation of heat and power objects, the use of industrial connectors and fasteners, and many others.

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