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Non-Spill Type

  • Non-Spill Type

The body of a line blind is closed for the avoidance of pollution during opening or closing. This type of a line blind has a very compact construction and short face-to-face dimension. A line blind may be installed to water crafts and to land and underwater pipelines. A product line includes models from DN 80 (NPS3) TO DN 800 (NPS32) to 1500 pounds (ASME class) for gas, liquids, heavy liquids, drilling fluid.

  • Prevention of environmental pollution

Prevents pollution from run-off of the residual liquid from the pipeline when installing/removing a line blind. A line blind may be installed to water crafts and to land and underwater pipelines.

  • No pipeline load

Compression/expansion of the pipeline while exploitation is excluded

  • Automatic positioning of the line blind

The line blind will be safely installed to its place by using automatic positioner

  • Rotational torque meter of the handwheel

Regulates the accuracy of handwheel action in rotation for opening or closing of a line blind

  • Double safety locking

Two safety locking mechanisms are installed to guarantee the accuracy of actions. One of them may be locked by a key

  • Self stick free mechanism of a blind

A unique gearing mechanism will release the jammed line blind

  • Double sealing (optionally)

In dependence to operation environment and working conditions for safety increase two extra seal rings may be installed

Operating sequence

  1. Unlock the key and clamp lever
  2. Turn the handwheel counter clockwise
  3. Push the disk to switch the position of a line blind.
  4. Turn the handwheel clockwise for total air-tightness.
  5. Lock the key and clamp lever.

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