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Jack Bolt type

  • Jack Bolt type

Jack Bolt type is a standard Sammi Line Blind model. Switching a line blind to open/close mode is carried out by weakening jack bolts. Sammi Jack Bolt Line Blind guarantee total shut-off of a pipeline.

A line blind of this type lets significantly reduce time for open/close operations in comparison with usual line blinds. To switch a line blind to another mode you should only weaken jack bolts.

Simplicity and reliability make it possible to use a line blind in various technological processes, where working conditions are extreme temperatures and pressures.

It is necessary to weaken jack bolts to switch a line blind position and then tighten jack bolts.

How it works

After weakening of 3-5 jack bolts for 2-3 rotations you should put a line blind into correct position in the pipeline. Then fix a line blind by tightening jack bolts.

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